Getting lost? We'll help you to get back on track

Ultradox is a very powerful application. Even with the best documentation available you may end up in a situation where you need help to get your tasks completed.

On this page we have assembled several support options.

Remote support

Remote support is the best choice for dedicated personal assistance

Remote support is nearly as good as sitting side-by-side in front of the same screen.
You can show us your problems and we can instantly fix them on your machine.

Please install Chrome Remote Desktop in order to be prepared for remote assistance.

Check out the documentation on how to install and start the tool and send us your PIN once you are ready for remote control.

Enterprise Support

Get mission-critical support from our experts

You can get different levels of enterprise support if you are running Shared Groups in a mission-critical environment.

The following services are provided under our Enterprise Support:

  • Corrective maintenance

    Defined as activities associated with root-cause analysis and bug-fix isolation and resolution

  • Root-cause analysis

    Analysis of the root causes of problems. Problems will be reviewed to determine their root causes, measures will be taken to correct the sources of the problems, and reports will be prepared and distributed in a timely fashion.

  • Bug fixes

    Defined as the emergency repair of the provided applications. This includes system errors, “hung" or halted screens, or unexpected results within the system that render it unusable for the purpose for which it was designed.

  • Ticket status updates

    floreysoft will provide direct input into the problem tickets. Trouble tickets can be submitted 24/7.

  • Application monitoring

    Best effort will be made to conduct periodic monitoring of production applications to assess application availability. Customers with an enterprise support contract will be entitled to get remote assistance from our experts when facing severe problems.