Release Notes

March 20th 2013, V5.3

  • New User Interface
  • You can share multiple groups at once
  • Add subscribers to multiple groups
  • Send out notifications for all subscribers at once
  • Accept invitations for multiple groups
  • Realtime-notifications when state changes

March 1st 2013, V5.22

  • Bugfix: Token invalidation improved

February 4th 2013, V5.21

  • Bugfix for new license handling

February 4th 2013, V5.20

  • New market integrated
  • Improved UI / Tooltips

July 11th 2012, V5.19

  • Recovery for apps running out of quota improved: Subscribers in distribution state will reset after a while

June 18th 2012, V5.18

  • Hotfix: When adding subscribers by email/pwd, the subscriber has not been added to the proper circle.